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When I Was Young
Have you ever noticed,
Things were better than they are  now?
The snow was whiter, the grass was greener,
Even the air we breathed  was cleaner.
Every sentence is now begun
With "Things were different when I was  young."
My granddaughter tells me "Yes, I know"
You had to trudge for miles in  snow.
'Course that is not quite true.
I first saw snow at twenty two.
But I did  go three miles to catch the train
In wind, and hail, and sleet, and  rain.
Or, it was just as often hot,
And we would moan about our  lot.
It always seemed, we thought, a pity
We lived so far from fun in the  city.
So each generation has its turn,
Of crying, as life's bridges  burn.
Each generation seems to feel,
The other had a better  deal.
Of course we know it isn't  so.
Given a chance, we'd rarely go
Back to how it used to be
Back at the start of our family  tree.
copyright 1994

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