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By Beryl Lucas

I've written a lot of poems
As some of you will remember,
For days that fall within each month,
But what can we say for September?

So what can we say for September?
Except that it's terribly hot!
I though there wasn't a "day" at all,
So what a Surprise I got.

First to come is Labor Day,
And of course there's back to school,
But what I saw surprised me,
(And made me feel a fool.)

There's Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
So you see that I'm not bright.
Just because I don't celebrate
I forget that others might.

So to those who celebrate these days
We send the appropriate wishes,
May your New Year be filled with Joy-
(and all the appropriate dishes.)

So what can we say for September?
I'll give it a hearty Cheer!
School's gone back, the place is quiet,
And winter's nearly here.

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