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Sea Dreams
Only those who have lived by the sea
Can understand the  yearning-
The longing once again to be
Where tides are ever  turning.
Once again to sit on the sand
And watch the waves roll in,
To  turn your back on the quiet land
Or the city's endless din.
The waves roll in with a quiet swish
And slide out again with a  sigh.
The sea gulls hang on feathered wings,
Caught between sea and  sky.
Then suddenly they drop like a stone
To grab some tasty morsel  thrown
By sea, or hand, it doesn't matter,
They snatch it up mid happy  screech and chatter.
Then sail aloft to watch again
For what the sea will  bring
Sometimes it's just a shell fish
That is the latest  thing.
They soar above and seek a rock
Then drop it with a 'splat'!
As  often as it takes to break
They let it fall like that.
Sometimes the scene's stormy one,
With waves that roar and  dash,
No spot is safe from wind and spray
As on the rocks they  crash.
The sea gulls seem elated as they soar
Above the wild wet  scene.
They catch each gust of wind to climb -
A wild and glorious  team.
Yes, only those who have lived by the sea
Can know that quiet  yearning,
To once again be there to see
Where tides are always  turning.
copyright 1994

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