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Our Mother over the years has created many paintings.  She was very creative in her own way.  She was a professional seamstress when she was young.  She wrote some poetry as it moved her.  She became quite good at photography.  Then there was painting.

As with most painters, she was always learning.  She never felt she knew enough to really paint.  Those of us whom have seen her paintings (oil, water, or ink or pastel drawings) know just how good she was.  Some people were lucky enough to acquire one of her pieces of artwork prior to her passing.  She quite often would take a photograph of something and then decide to paint it.  She was also quite good at printing black and white photos and then coloring them.  I guess I left out clothing that she painted.  Some of it was really nice and people really treasured them at Christmas time.

I have been taking pictures of most of the oil and acrylic paintings that I have found.  I have nearly 300 here.  I am going to split them up into animals, landscape paintings and flowers.  Most of these paintings are 9 X 12 with some being larger at 14 X 18 and a few smaller.



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