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Do you ever stop and ponder
As you gaze up at the sky,
And  watch the clouds and lightning
As another storm goes by,
What happens to  the rain drops
That are pelting on the ground?
Do you realize they're not  here to stay,
They're on their way around.
Each little, tiny, rain  drop
Has a mission of its own.
Some soak the grass
Some feed the  trees,
Some go to spots unknown.
Some cook your food,
Some make your  tea
Some even make the ice.
(Most of you like your tea that way.
You  don't think hot is  nice.)
Do you ever stop to ponder
Where they go to when they're  through?
Some go to lakes, to rivers, streams,
Some go to oceans  blue.
Where e're they go their mission done,
They only stay a while.
No  thing on earth is permanent
It only changes style.
The raindrop that we  see today,
Will evaporate with sun.
The vapors rise and make new  clouds
Just like it once begun.
And so begins the cycle of the  raindrop
Once again,
It may not fall on us next time
Who knows, it  might be Spain.
The raindrop which we see today
Is bound to fall  again.
And so it is with everything
That's now upon the earth.
Each  thing we have recycles.
It receives a second birth.
Trees to wood, and  paper,
Wood to fertile soil -
Some take a million years or so,
As in  the case of oil.
So everything is precious
Though its end is still  unknown.
The things we see as trash to day
May end as precious  stone.
What a pity that I can't come back
A million years from now.
I'd  like to know the fate of man
And things we now endow,
With little thought,  and little care,
And very little worth.
I'd like to know what comes of  all
This trash we've made on  earth?
copyright 1993

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