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If I Were Rich
If I were rich I'd like to go
A roaming -- where the pace is  slow
The air is cool, the sky is blue
And water tastes as it's s'posed to  do.
If I were rich I'd buy a place
High on a hill with lots of  space
To watch the tide breaking on the sands
And ships sail away to far  off lands.
If I were rich I'd set my chair
Out on the porch in the sweet  fresh air
High on my hill above the sea,
And watch sea gulls up flying  free.
If I were rich - well rich enough
To pay for food and rent and  stuff,
I'd spend my days in an old deck chair
Out in the sweet unpolluted  air.
If I were rich - which I'll never be -
I'd spend my days just  pleasing me.
Drawing and painting and having fun
Out in the air and the  wind and sun.
If I were rich - doesn't hurt to dream -
I'd watch night skies  where the stars still gleam
And dream of how it used to be
When I was too  busy to just please me.
copyright 1994

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