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Texas Kiwi



Texas Kiwi

This site will be dedicated to my Mother.  My Mother was born in New Zealand in 1926 and passed away on Easter morning 2000.  She was from New Zealand, but lived most of her life here in Texas.

My Mother will be missed by a lot of people.  She was very special to a lot of people, not just to those of us in the family.  From time to time I will put poems she wrote, pictures she took, or paintings or drawings she created.

It seems very few people any more keep autograph books.  It used to be a common practice to get an autograph book and send it all around the world and have family and friends sign it.  Today you almost never see it.  Most people it seems only think an autograph is to get celebrities to sign.  My Mother had one from around 1937 to 1940 that traveled from New Zealand to England to Canada to the United States and back home to New Zealand.  I have scanned the pages and put them in an autograph page.

The paintings area has been updated with 288 new paintings.



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