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Pictures of Friends

This page is pretty well explained in the title.  I will put pictures here of Mother’s friends.  I have many pictures that I have no clue as to the people in the pictures.  If anyone can identify people in the pictures, please let me know the picture name and the name of the person.

I hope to change this page to include thumbnails with links to larger pictures.  For now it is going to be text with a link to pictures

  • Thelma McWatt, early 1960’s, New Zealand
  • Lorraine McWatt Barclay, early 1960’s, New Zealand.
  • Lorraine and children, Alice and Edward - Nov 1992 - removed
  • Thelma and Bish McWatt sitting on a swamp Kauri couch for sale at $30,000 - Jan 2001
  • Thelma and Bish at One Tree Hill wearing a shirt Mom painted - Oct 2000
  • David, Lorraine, Alice and Edward Barclay - Christmas 2000 - removed
  • Bish & Thelma with Alice & Edward - Christmas Day 2000 - removed
  • Lorraine & Alice Barclay - Christmas 2000 - removed
  • Edward Barclay - Christmas 2000 - removed
  • Bish, Thelma and Lorraine - Dec 1960





















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