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Pictures of Family

This page is pretty well explained in the title.  I will put pictures here of our family.  I have many family pictures that I have no clue as to the people in the pictures.  If anyone can identify people in the pictures, please let me know the picture name and the name of the person.

  • Kelli Maloy Norris and Jennifer Maloy, grandaughters.
  • David Hedges and Yohanni, grandson and wife.
  • David Hedges and Yohanni.
  • Steve Hedges celebrates big brother Davids marriage.
  • Sabastian Maloy, great grandson.
  • Sabastian Maloy, James and Kelli Norris.
  • Sabastian and snake - look at his eyes.
  • Sabastian and the snake again.
  • Sabastian Maloy and Kelli Norris, great grandson and grandaughter
  • Sabastian Maloy and Alex Norris, great grandchildren.
  • Sabastian, Alex and James in caves.
  • Karla, Stacy, Kelli, Jamie, Kim and flower girl.
  • Mischa, Kelli and Bennie
  • Sabastian and friends at nature center.
  • Yohanni Hedges.
  • David and Yohanni Hedges.
  • David and Yohanni again.
  • Kathryn Hedges presented as conservation teacher of the year in Indiana 2003.
  • Alex, Kelli and Sabastian.
  • Alex and Sabastian.
  • David and Yohanni’s wedding cake
  • David takes Yohanni’s garter.
  • Devlyn Franz, great grandson.
  • Devlyn
  • Devlyn
  • Devlyn
  • Sabastian at cub scouts
  • Alex and Sabastian with giraffe.
  • Sabastian Maloy - school photo 2003
  • Devlyn


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